reflections on my personal relationship to the world and its creatures

supplication to a masked god for the fall of man (and his dog) 14.5″x30″ acrylic collage on siding $475.00 USD Melissa Bayhan © 2019

implanted memories of foraging (memory hacking the non-human entity) 30″ x 24″ acrylic collage on wood panel $800.00 USD Melissa Bayhan @ 2020

agony loves company 24″x20″ acrylic collage on wood 1.5″ cradle frame $520.00 USD Melissa Bayhan © 2017

pals 14″x18″ acrylic on canvas frame $275.00 USD Melissa Bayhan © 2017

run rabbit run 49″x37″ acrylic collage on wood 1″ cradle frame $1,970.00 USD Melissa Bayhan © 2017

One thought on “interpersonal

  1. Wow!! You have been busy❤️❤️❤️
    Love your work
    If I had some extra $$$ there is about 7 pieces that I would love to own
    Maybe someday.
    Wishing you well
    Miss you
    Oh by the way would you be interested in coming to a zoom meeting on Thursday from 12:30-1
    It’s about five women that connect to share what we are working on
    I know Ruta from Sloma would love to see your work❤️👍🏽


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